How to Add Web Browser Names as Body Classes in WordPress Using jQuery

When it comes to web development, knowing the web browser of your site’s visitors can help you create a better user experience. You may want to add specific styles or functionality for certain browsers or troubleshoot issues that only occur in certain browsers. One way to accomplish this is by adding the web browser name as a body class in your WordPress site using jQuery. In this tutorial, we’ll walk through the steps to identify and add the web browser name as a body class in WordPress using jQuery.

This code will identify whether the user is browsing with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, or Opera. You can modify this code to add support for other web browsers as needed.

Before proceeding with any customizations in WordPress, it’s essential to set up a child theme. A child theme acts as a safe and efficient way to make modifications without affecting the parent theme. If you haven’t set up a child theme yet, follow this tutorial on How to Create a Child Theme for Customization. It will guide you through the process and ensure that your customizations remain intact even after theme updates.

For example: <body class="is-chrome">

(function ($) {
    // Document ready.
    $(function () {

    // Browser detection.
    function hooliteBrowserDetection() {
        var isChrome = /Chrome/.test(navigator.userAgent) && /Google Inc/.test(navigator.vendor),
            isSafari = /Safari/.test(navigator.userAgent) && /Apple Computer/.test(navigator.vendor),
            isFirefox = navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase().indexOf('firefox') > -1,
            isIE = /MSIE/.test(navigator.userAgent) || /Trident/.test(navigator.userAgent),
            isEdge = /Edge/.test(navigator.userAgent),
            isOpera = /OPR/.test(navigator.userAgent) && /Opera/.test(navigator.vendor),
            hoolite_body = (jQuery('body'));

        if (isChrome) {
        if (isSafari) {
        if (isFirefox) {
        if (isIE ) {
        if (isEdge) {
        if (isOpera) {
Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

That’s it! With these simple steps, you can easily add web browser names as body classes in WordPress using jQuery. This can be a useful tool for customizing your site’s appearance and functionality based on the web browser that your users are using.

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