How to Resolve ‘Incompatible Archive Error’ for WordPress

If you’ve encountered the ‘Incompatible Archive Error’ after updating to WordPress 6.4.3, don’t worry โ€“ help is here. This guide is designed to walk you through understanding and resolving this issue, particularly if you’re using MacOS to zip your plugins.

Understanding the Error:
Before diving into the fixes, let’s take a moment to decode the error message. It’s like your computer dropping a hint. Don’t worry; you don’t need to be a tech expert. Simply keep an eye out for any specific details in the error message โ€“ they’ll guide us to the right solution.

Before proceeding with any customizations in WordPress, it’s essential to set up a child theme. A child theme acts as a safe and efficient way to make modifications without affecting the parent theme. If you haven’t set up a child theme yet, follow this tutorial on How to Create a Child Theme for Customization. It will guide you through the process and ensure that your customizations remain intact even after theme updates.

Now, let’s unravel the mystery of the ‘Incompatible Archive Error’ and get your WordPress site back on track.

Why Does This Error Happen?

The trouble starts with how MacOS zips your files and how WordPress 6.4.3 tries to handle them. Some recent security upgrades caused a bit of confusion, especially for those of us using MacOS to zip our plugins. It’s like speaking slightly different languages.

Quick Temporary Fix

For a swift temporary solution, add the following code snippet to your child theme’s functions.php file. It ensures compatibility with WordPress 6.4.3:

// Quick fix 'Incompatible Archive Error'
add_filter('unzip_file_use_ziparchive', '__return_false');
Code language: PHP (php)

This straightforward addition addresses the ‘Incompatible Archive Error’ until a more permanent solution is implemented. Save the changes in your functions.php file.

Keep It Simple with MacOS Command Line

If you’re comfortable with the terminal, here’s an easy command for MacOS. This command guarantees seamless compatibility with WordPress’s upload protocol.

zip -r my-plugin/
Code language: Bash (bash)

That’s it! Follow these steps, and you’ll wave goodbye to the ‘Incompatible Archive Error’ in WordPress 6.4.3. Remember, the WordPress community is always buzzing with updates and solutions. Stay connected, and keep enjoying your hassle-free site!

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