Discourage Search Engines – Dashboard Notification (WP Plugin)

Have you ever accidentally left the ‘Discourage Search Engines’ option turned on in your WordPress settings? It’s a common mistake, especially when you’re deeply focused on building your website.

We get it, it’s easy to overlook toggling the ‘Discourage Search Engines’ option in the ‘Settings > Reading’ section, especially when you’re immersed in website development. That’s where our innovative plugin comes into play.

Introducing our new plugin – a simple, lightweight fix for this all-too-familiar problem. Here’s how it works: Once you activate the plugin, it takes the reins. You’ll get handy notifications right on your dashboard if the ‘Discourage Search Engines’ setting is still on. This way, you can easily adjust your site’s visibility settings. And the best part? When you decide to turn off the setting, the plugin steps back and lets you focus on what’s important – perfecting your digital masterpiece.

Think of this plugin as your trusty sidekick. It’s designed with web developers in mind, making sure you have complete control and a smooth experience. Regain control over your site’s search engine visibility effortlessly and stay ahead of the game in the digital world.

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