Quick planet in Photoshop

Searching for something new to try in Photoshop? Trying to spice up your wallpaper, signature or any other spacey design? Try this tutorial to learn how to make a quick planet in Photoshop.

Step 1:

Create a new layer, and grab your ellipse tool. Create a circle in the middle. Any size you like.

HoOlite.be photoshop tutorial: Quick Planet step1

Step 2:

Ctrl + click on your layer, so the circle is selected.

Step 3:

Hit the letter “D” on your keyboard to reset your colors.
Next thing you do is go to: Filter > Render > Clouds And add Image > Adjustments > Levels. Use the settings below.

HoOlite.be Photoshop tutorial: Quick Planet step3
HoOlite.be Photoshop tutorial: Quick Planet step3

Step 4:

Filter > Distort > Spherize (100% , Normal)
This will make your planet look more round.

Step 5:

Select > Inverse. (Ctrl + Shift + I)

Step 6:

Select > Feather (2px). Hit “Delete” twice, and deselect (Ctrl + D).

HoOlite.be photoshop tutorial: Quick Planet step6

Step 7:

Filter > Brush Strokes > Accented Edges

HoOlite.be photoshop tutorial: Quick Planet step7

Step 8:

Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation (Ctrl + U) I used 205 – 40 – 0 But, you can use any color you like for your planet.

HoOlite.be photoshop tutorial: Quick Planet step8

Step 9:

Duplicate the layer. Filter > Blur > Radial Blur 100, Zoom ,Best do this 2 times. Set the blending mode to “Overlay'” and merge the layers together.

You should now have only 2 layers, layer 1 and background.

TIP: How to merge down layers:
Ctrl click on the 2layers so they are both selected, then press Ctrl + E.

Step 10:

Duplicate the layer again. Select the orignal planet layer. Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur 10 px.

Set the blending mode to “Color Dodge,”

HoOlite.be photoshop tutorial: Quick Planet step10

And there you have it, A quick planet to match your design.

Click the link to see where I used this quick planet technique in one of my wallpapers.

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