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This tutorial is written by Andre Visch for

In this tutorial Andre Visch would like to explain you how to make such a cool smudge signature in GIMP.

Step 1:

Open a new document.

I’m using a 400px by 200px document with a white background.

Step 2:

Open your render with File -> Open as layer

Your render is to big for your signature so select the Scale Tool (Shift+T)

GIMP smudge tutorial: select scale tool

Step 3:

Duplicate the layer, until you have a nice background that you like.

Go to Layer -> Duplicate layer, to duplicate your layer.
And use the Move tool (M) to move it around.

GIMP smudge tutorial: select move tool

Your signature should now look something like this:

GIMP smudge tutorial: signature 1

Step 4:

Now you need to merge down all the background renders, you can easily do this with right clicking on the layer and press merge down, and repeat that until you have 1 layer left.

GIMP smudge tutorial: merge down

Step 5:

Now click on the smudge tool.

GIMP smudge tutorial: select smudge tool

You can use the same settings that I am using or just play around with it, to get something nice of your own.

GIMP smudge tutorial: Smudge settings

Step 6:

Start smudging around the signature, it does not have to be in a straight line, you can put some wave in it or something else, just play around until you have something you like. This is my result.

GIMP smudge tutorial: signature 2

TIP: Make sure you follow the flow of the render then the smudging will be better.

Step 7:

Duplicate your layer 3 times, Layer -> Duplicate layer

And follow this:

Set the layer just above the background to overlay, with 30% opacity.

The layer above that one set it to screen with 20% opacity.

And finally set the top layer to multiply with 60% opacity

It should now look something like this:

GIMP smudge tutorial: signature 3

Step 8:

After you have done that merge down all your layers.

But begin with the layer above the background.

DON’T start to merge down the top layer. The colors will look different.

Step 9:

Go to Filters -> Enhance -> Sharpen

And set it to 50, it will look like this:

GIMP smudge tutorial: signature 4

Well that’s about it,

You just finished making a smudge signature in GIMP.

There is still one thing that you can do if you want, but you don’t really have to do this.

You can put a fractal in it for a light source.

Step 1:

Pick a good fractal for your signature and place it where the light source comes from and set it to screen.

If you’ve done this, it should now look like this:

TIP: Make sure you open your render this way: File -> Open as layer

GIMP smudge tutorial: signature 5

Step 2:

Make a new layer on top al layer, then right click the background layer and select Alpha to selection.

Then select your top layer again

GIMP smudge tutorial: alpha to selection

Step 3:

Now go to Edit -> Stroke selection, and set it all to the default settings EXCEPT Line width. Change that to 2px and hit stroke. Don’t forget to have your Foreground color set to black.

This is my final result:

GIMP smudge tutorial: Final result

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