Do you have a picture that would look good in black and white? Well, maybe you should try selective saturation to color parts of the black and white picture and give it a cool effect.
Searching for something new to try in Photoshop? Trying to spice up your wallpaper, signature or any other spacey design? Try this tutorial to learn how to make a quick planet in Photoshop.
This tutorial is written by Rahul Das for Hoolite.be Recently, while making the balloons wallpaper pack, I had to use a lot of the pen tools. As I learnt PS off the internet, I had no idea how to use these things. But I somehow learnt these from many places around the 'net. And here it is for you, all in one place!
If you're new to Photoshop and found some awesome brushes but you just can't figure out how to install these brushes? It can be a pain in the ass. In this quick tutorial I will explain you how to install brushes in Photoshop.
Did you ever witness the problem that you had to resize all your photo's/pictures one by one and it took ages to resize them all? Well I will explain you in this quick tutorial how to resize ALL the desired photo's at once by using Batch resize in Photoshop.
So, you are probably new into webdesign and you might just created your first website in Photoshop ever. Congratulations! But what do you have to do now? How do you get your website up and running. In this tutorial I'm explaining how to slice and code your website.