Is it that time again that you are desperately in need of a new and free wallpaper? Well isn't that a coincidence! I recently created a new wallpaper in Illustrator and I really want to share it with you.
As a web designer you probably have tons of bookmarks already. But I can tell you this, these websites are a plus for your bookmarks and will be very useful some day. If you have your own favorite bookmark you'd like to share, post it in the comment section below.
Are you still coding in notepad or are you looking for a new code editor? Then you might like this list of free editors. Try them out and check the plugin- and themes links to personalize your new favorite editor. If you've got your own favorite editor, share it in the comments below.
Whenever you are designing or developing a product you'll always have to keep the target audience into account to create something successful. But unfortunately, that's not enough. Here are the 10 usability heuristics by Jakob Nielsen explained with useful examples. Compare your product and find out if your product conforms the usability heuristics. If not,.. Time for some drastic changes!