Hoolite logo got remastered

I’d like to announce to you all that I remastered my logo. The new Hoolite logo is slightly different from its previous one. Are you curious how the new logo looks like?

Hoolite.be started as a school project back in 2011. Since then, the logo didn’t change much over time but the layout got renewed a couple of times. Now it’s time to renew/remaster the logo. If you want to read more about me or the history and evolution of Hoolite, you can read it here.

Now, let me present you the new logo *drums*

logo hoolite remastered

As you can see, the new Hoolite logo has some small fixes and improvements.

Not sure what changed? Then try to spot the differences:

Hoolite logo before and after

New eyes, new beak, new wings, new oval body, no more strokes, no more opacity and slightly different colors.
Also the hair has moved up a bit, it secretly functions as a crown.

The new logo on business cards:

hoolite business cards

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