27 Jan
6 helpful Windows tools you’ll definitely want to use

While surfing the web, I sometimes come across some useful tools, that help me work more efficient. And I like to think that these tools can be useful for you too. So, here I am, sharing them with you. 1. CopyRight2Image If you are a amateur photographer and/or you...

19 Jan
Keep your free 15GB OneDrive storage

As you may know or may not know, Microsoft changed its plans for the cloud service: OneDrive. Early November, Microsoft announced that they will change their free storage plans from 15GB to 5GB. Users were not satisfied and Microsoft was forced to do something about it to make it right. ...

15 Dec
How to optimize your images for web

There is one thing that you always want to do for a faster website loading and that is optimizing your images. Therefore we need a smaller file size for our images. But how do we do that? How can we cut off kilobytes to improve the...

14 Aug
Free wallpaper Vector island: Space adventure
Our little friend and his monkey are back, and this time they want to take you on a space adventure. Hop in the rocket and fly with them from one planet to another and plant our flag in unknown soil.
Vector island: Pirate and mermaid
23 May
Free wallpaper Vector island: Pirate and Mermaid
On the lookout for a new wallpaper? Then it's most likely that you've found your little treasure. This is number 3 in the collection floating island wallpapers and there is no need to get in line. Just click the dimension you prefer and set sail to download the newest vector island wallpaper to add to your collection. It's that easy!
Vector island: Native American
24 Apr
Free wallpaper Vector island: Native American
Good news! The caveman vector island wallpaper has reached a massive 4000 downloads in a month and I would like to thank you for that. So I've decided to surprise you with another free wallpaper, another vector island.. Native American style! I hope you will enjoy this one too.