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8 lorem ipsum alternatives with a beautiful designed website

Tired of your standard lorem ipsum dummy text to add to your mock ups and you want to spice it up? Try these great lorem ipsum alternative websites to generate your new dummy text. You’ll generate new dummy text in no time. And on the plus side, their webdesign looks great!

1. Cat Ipsum

If you are a cat fan, then this website is a great alternative for your dummy text.

Cat Ipsum

2. Cheese Ipsum

Cheese lover? Then you are going to love this lorem ipsum alternative website.

Cheese Ipsum

3. Cake Ipsum

Cupcakes, what is not to love about cupcakes. Good looking site and great alternative for your dummy text.

Cupcake Ipsum

4. Hairy Lipsum

Are you a furry facial friend that supports movember? Then this is the right lorem ipsum alternative website for you.

The Hairy Lipsum lorem

5. Lebowski Ipsum

Fan of the great Lebowksi? Then this is your site for the lorem ipsum alternative dummy text.

Lebowski Ipsum

6. Picksum Ipsum

Hard to choose? Well, on this website you can choose Michael Caine, Jim Carrey, Clint Eastwood or Morgan Freeman to generate some dummy text for you.


7. Samuel L Ipsum

If you are looking for some bad ass dummy text. Then you are definitely going to love Samuel L Ipsum.

Samuel L Ipsum

8. United Ipsum of America

This is a great looking website with political jargon. Select your favorite candidate and generate some dummy text you’ll like.

United ipsum of america

Here are some extra websites you might also like.
If you’ve find a great lorem ipsum alternative that you like to share, please post it in the comments below and I might add it to the list.

9. Startupsum

Are you looking for adding more relevant content to your mock-up? Then this website might interest you.
You can choose between startup, food, fashion and more.