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Sky-High Views

Get your hands on our free floating island wallpapers! ☁️

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Free wallpaper Vector island: Native American

Good news! The caveman vector island wallpaper has reached a massive 4000 downloads in a month and I would like to thank you for that. So I've decided to surprise you with...

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Free wallpaper Vector island: Pirate and Mermaid

On the lookout for a new wallpaper? Then it's most likely that you've found your little treasure. This is number 3 in the collection floating island wallpapers and there is no need...

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Free wallpaper Vector island: Space adventure

Our little friend and his monkey are back, and this time they want to take you on a space adventure. Hop in the rocket and fly with them from one planet...

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Free wallpaper Vector island: Caveman

Is it that time again that you are desperately in need of a new and free wallpaper? Well isn't that a coincidence! I recently created a new wallpaper in Illustrator...

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